August 12, 2013

First Day of School

Neither of you looked behind…
There were no tears…

No anxious glances…

Hands were not wrapped tightly around my arm…

There were no second, third, or fourth hugs needed.

You both walked into your classrooms this first day of school with an amazing confidence…as if to tell your nervous Mama, we got this. You placed your tiny belongings in your cubbies with pride and were so excited to be using your new snake lunch bags and backpacks.
It didn’t take but seconds for you to find friends to chat with…activity stations to explore…showing me the new, bright and fun decorations on the classroom wall… and most importantly your frog cupcakes placed on the counter to celebrate your sixth birthday. I left both of your classrooms in complete peace knowing that, without any hesitation or nervousness, you were both ready to start on this new adventure.

Even hours later when I called your Daddy to tell him about drop off I still was filled with a sweet calmness. I celebrated your confidence, the comfort in your new environments, your curiosity and excitement…I mentioned how annoyed you were when I took a bazillion pictures in the front yard and how you didn’t quite understand why the first day was such a big deal…I spoke of Luke’s disappointment when he couldn’t go into Owen’s classroom first and how his frustration was erased the moment he entered into his classroom with his beloved teachers… I told Daddy about how thankful I was for such cheerful, happy, and outgoing little boys who without any hesitancy walk up to old friends that you haven’t seen all summer and start talking to them… such beautiful qualities and blessings!
I am always so grateful for these sweet and gentle moments to remind me how beautiful you are, how lucky we are to call you our own, and what amazing little souls you have. When I look at you I see so much potential –You are Limitless boys! And although I dare not wish away this time…I can’t wait for what you will look like one year, five years, ten years from today. All I pray is that you keep the qualities that I saw today – your confidence, self-assurance, cheerfulness, joy, friendliness, curiosity, tenacity, and courage. Shine on boys…you two are awesome!




  1. Such handsome little can see their confidence shining through! Way to go, Mom & Dad!

  2. Awe... I think I tear up after reading everything you write... Thanks for sharing!